MapCapp: A new way of communication!

Many social means of communication and interactive games are in the first place all about the user's Person and his life which gets shared with the help of pictures and videos. Also virtual animals who have to be caught and collected are very popular. Sometimes in social media applications it's also about topics within anonymous trash talks in several apps. MapCapp is different!

On MapCapp it's primary about countries, cities, villages and places: They are all waiting to being discovered, collected and finally being watched for their live interactions every time again! MapCapp is a virtual, multimedial and to real places bound chat room. You can rejoin already visited places every time and out of everywhere again with MapCapp! By doing that you can see always what's happening on your visited places! With the help of so called geolinks - which you can get for example for discovering new places - you also can watch remote places live where you haven't been on your own yet. To remote places you can send messages and chat with people who are there! You can ask them about the current mood at the place or ask them for current pictures or videos and many more so you and many other users can see what's up there at the moment! On your personal places wall you get all news of your favoured places. Besides that you can get up on the MapCapp-world ranking of discoverers by discovering more new places who are being co-discovered by others as well. The many specific functions and usages are shown HERE!