Privacy agreement for native MapCapp Apps (iOS and Android)

1. Identity

The company in charge of MapCapp's development, in the following described by "we", "us", "our", is the German company TomorrowBits GmbH, located in Fernpaßstraße 25, 81373 Munich. This company is being represented by it's Chief executive officer Leonhard G. Bichler (see the end of this policy for contact details). By using MapCapp and by using the contact details, given in this policy, the user (in the following also called "users" or "you") confirms this data policy and agrees with its content which can be rightfully edited at any time by the TomorrowBits GmbH.

2. Applicability

According to the German Bundesdatenschutzgesetz und Telemediengesetz this privacy policy shall inform the users about the way, the range and the purpose of any elicitation or usage of individual-related data. We handle your individual-related data with care and in accordance with German and European law. Please keep in mind that data transfer in general can exhibit security gaps. A complete protection against the access through foreigners is impossible. The privacy policy for the mobile App MapCapp can be found on the Apple AppStore and on the GooglePlayStore as well as within the App MapCapp itself.

3. Access data

We, respectively Apple/Google collect data about the access to the app and save/s them as server logfiles. Following data is being logged by Apple/Google or us: 

  • App download
  • Time at app download and country of app download
  • Amount of sent data in byte
  • Used IP-address while downloading & using the app
  • Time, location, content and size of the posting while using the app
  • Posts within MapCapp with your: images, videos, comments on a placechat
  • Location of your mobile device to detect the distance to places 
  • Your shared personal data: First name, family name, age, city, country, facebook- and instragram profile linke (this data can be visible for other users)

You are enabled to delete your own postings within the posting settings as well as your own account at MapCapp's "settings".

4. Handling of individual-related data

We gather, use and save your individual-related data only if it is in accordance with German and European law or if you agree to the data collection. As individual-related data can be seen any data which suits to identify and retrace to your person. This are for example your name and your Emailadress. To arrange the general user experience for every user authentically and seriously, we entreat all of our users to use their real personal details at registration process. If this is not the case or if the account obviously uses thieved personal data, we reserve the right to block or even delete this account without any further discussion. Please notice that you are enabled to delete your postings within the postings settings and your whole account within settings in the MapCapp App.

5. Data usage and advertisement

The user agrees to the collection, use and storage of his individual-related data (which he has entered into MapCapp) through the TomorrowBits GmbH within the applicable legal framework.  The user also agrees to the collection of anonymized data trough the Google Play Developer Console as well as trough iTunes Connect. MapCapp saves a small number of personal data. These are: Email, first name, family name. The users password, his spoken languages and his geo data together with a timestamp and the content of his postings are also stored, when he (co-) discovers a place or when he is doing a post within MapCapp. For selling advertisements we collect only anonymized meta data, no personal data. We do not track the users' shopping habits and we also don't create any kind of personal shopping preferences profiles. Every user will see the same advertisement in a virtual place on MapCapp! The user agrees to that and to the use of this data by the TomorrowBits GmbH for their advertisement business trough and and other equivalent (sub-) domains. Apart from that the legal regulation of the used Stores for the download are in force. 

6. Handling of contact data

If you contact us through the by us offered possibilities your information is being saved to process and answer your inquriy. Without your agreement this data won't be transmitted to third parties. Your data is being saved for the purpose of accelerating future inquiries. On your demand we delete all your data stored on our side unless we are forced by law to save them.

7. Push notifications
MapCapp will send you push notifications from time to time, especially when you enabled push notifications in the app. By using MapCapp you agree to that. Please notice that you have the possibility to disable push notifications on MapCapp within settings and within your device's settings. How to do this relies on your specific device. If you post somethin within MapCapp your IP can be saved. We reserve the right to delete your posts, comments and your user account if you act against law or moral customs of the western community.

8. Facebook- and Google login

Variing by the product version MapCapp grants the login via users' Facebook or Google account. Through that the users' information which is needed for the signup process (email, name and surname) are being transmitted from Facebook or Google to MapCapp. The user has to make sure his password has a high security level and he uses this password for no other account. The user has to take care that his password gets not leaked. By ignoring this measurements the user risks misuse of his MapCapp account. In this cases the user is liable for data theft or data misuse by third parties and for financial and personal damages out of his misbehaviour. Same regulations are in force for the case if third parties have gained access to the password of facebook and login to MapCapp with this password. 

9.  Dispute, mediation, place of jurisdiction, severability clause

The TomorrowBits GmbH is not bound to take part on the European comission's mediation process in case of disputes but we reserve the possibility and we point out that possibility. Please find the platform on

As place of jurisdiction for any law disputes the user agrees to the German city of Munich. In case of unvalidness of single regulations within this privacy agreement the validness of the other regulations in this agreement is not being touched. The contact details can be found on the bottom of this agreement. 

10.  Users' rights:  disclosure, correction and deletion

As a user you can ask for disclosure which individual-related data we have stored about your person. This can be the case, if you contacted us. In case your inquiry for disclosure, correction or deletion of individual-related data is in accordance with law, you are entitled to your inquiry by law. For this inquiry please contact us on info(at)

Single posts of the user can be deleted by him if using the delete option in the option menue of a single posting. All data stored within MapCapp can be deleted by the user himself as well. This is possible at settings menue, subcard "delete my account"

Development and responsibility for the content of this webapp and for the content of MapCapp (on iOS and Android):
TomorrowBits GmbH
Fernpaßstraße 25, 81373 Munich (Germany)
Phone: +49 89 743 67 987
Mobile: +49 17 111 678 30
Mail: info(at)

Data protection officer

Due to the specific conditions of our company we are not forced by law to designate a data protection officer. Our Chief executive officer (Leonhard Bichler) himself gladly takes care of your inquiries concerning all topics related to data protection. Contact details on the following.

E-Mail info(at)

Commercial registry number (Handelsregisternummer)
München HRB 232324
Tax ID (Ust-ID) DE313472238