Use 7: Decentralized news

Written on 12/04/2018
Team MapCapp

Nowadays our media are mainly centralized. That means one or a few companies which are having access to a huge amount of information select the parts which are shown to the public. MapCapp is different! MapCapp is decentralized!

Everyone is a reporter! Grab your smartphone and show the world, what’s happening on a place. With and without your personal comments!

Notice: Take care of everyone’s personal rights by doing so!

Differently than on any other video platforms every post of a regular user belongs to a certain place to a certain time and gains - trough that - news character. Other users shall decide themselves what to see and what not. Every post which is not against our licence agreement, gets a value of +1 with a like and -1 with a dislike, while a total value of -5 leads to the deletion of a post. A reported post gets checked and deleted if it’s again our terms or against european law.