Use 6: Get in touch with local companies

Written on 12/06/2018
Team MapCapp

Within MapCappAds the AdSlots of single virtual places can be bought for some time. In the App’s beginning period even free of charge! Every place has it’s own AdSlot. We priorize Ad-enquiries from small local companies before big remote companies. Besides that: First come first serve! Additionally this innovative way of commercializing is local but globally visible.

We enable users to getting inspired by new products and companies besides their filter bubble. Everyone sees the same commercial. We don’t collect your personal data to tailor ads!

In addition to that we've implemented this advertisement strategy because we believe that data has not necessarely always the best idea. We call it "Lean data, big privacy marketing!" Contra filter bubbles, pro new experiences for users and entrepreneurs! Established by TomorrowBits