Use 2: location based, virtual history

Written on 12/10/2018
Team MapCapp

Everything that happened at a place and what has been shared on MapCapp, stays preserved and can bee watched later again. Within MapCapp nothing will be deleted unless one of the afterwards mentioned exceptions occurs. Due to the permanent storage a virtual history book develops and everybody can be a co-writer!

Only the content creator himself (that means the user) and the MapCapp team can delete his posts, if a abusive content has been reported or directly watched by the team. A total value of -5 (that means 5 dislikes more than likes) can lead to an automatical deletion of a post. Besides all posts of a certain user at a certain place to a certain time stay permanently visible for everyone, so you can - even after Years - still see, who has when reported what about on a certain place. A unique way of history writing which is open for everyones contribution as a digital history writer!