Use 3: Stay connected with places.

Written on 12/09/2018
Team MapCapp

MapCapp enables you to virtually explore every place on earth which you find interesting and reconnect with it at every time again. As soon as others connect to it by codiscovering the place, you can see the news there which are posted from them. With a geoticket also users from far away can access that place and can write text messages to it. For your discovery you’ll gain permanent access to you place, earn points and a geoticket as well for entering remote places on your own.

For exploring a place simply turn on your GPS module on your smartphone and locate yourself with the aim icon. Afterwards simply touch the flag icon to add the current location to MapCapp.

After selecting a suitable name for the new place you only need to add a picure or video as well as a short description. By doing this you have discovered a new place on MapCapp!

Congratulations! From now on you can reconnect from every other place and see what’s happening there as soon as somebody on site posts something! Additionally to a geoticket as a reward, you also earn the honor of being visible as the places discoverer. Places which aren’t visited by others maybe deleted. This happens to ensure to have mostly viable places within MapCapp. Despite of this, very interesting lonely places will remain on MapCapp.

Did you know?

When being on the road you’ll also get a geoticket and permanent access to a place which you „codiscover“. Additionally you’ll get points for each codiscovery to rise in the world discoverer ranking as well! Let’s go!