Use 1: Interact with people on places

Written on 12/30/2018
Team MapCapp

MapCapp enables you to interact with all users who are live on a place wich is „discovered“, that means connected within MapCapp. That’s possible by using Geotickets, the tickets for the access to a place. You can earn them simply by discovering places or by visiting a discovered place in reality. You can also purchase Geotickets. Through discovery, codiscovery or trough using geotickets, you’ll get permanent access to this virtual place wich is connected to the real world. If a place attracts nearly no people, it maybe disappear again.

Within MapCapp you can have chats with people on NewYork times Square, at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the French Eiffel tower or where ever users are.

You can check the situation of current public demonstrations and ask people on site for their commentary or video within MapCapp.

You can check, if your favourite mountain has already been "captured" within MapCapp.  If yes, simply ask the people there about the exact weather on that very place and request a picture or a videoupload for an direct impression!

At public places you often find interesting people which you don’t dare to get in touch with directly. Therefore nearly everybody isolates him-/herself into his/her smartphone. Through MapCapp you can get in touch about the happenings on place by chatting. You also can take own photos or videos and others can comment your entries and get in touch with you virtually first. If you then also like to have a real meeting, simply invite each other for an coffee or an ice cream on the place you are together. Have a try!

There are many other functions! Check them HERE!