Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Capturing places: How does it work?

Simply go out, find a lovely place, open MapCapp, Login and with enabled GPS touch the button with the flag icon and with a plus symbol. Now you just have to enter the name of the location together with a description and a picture or a video and then everything 's set to discover your first place by touching on "Discover" on the right upper corner. From then on this place is visible on the map to others as well. Users at that same location can co-discover this place and update this place with new media and information.

Geoticket: What's that and how to get it?

Geotickets are tickets for entering real places within MapCapp, where you haven't been yet by yourself but which have already have been captured within the App by others. By registering within MapCapp you'll get 10 Geotickets for free and for every discovered and co-discovered place you'll also earn a Geoticket! Within the App's menue you'll find the option "Invite Friends", where you can also earn 10 Geotickets for every user who registered due to your invitation.

"Codiscover" What does it mean and how to do it?
If a place was discovered already, you can't discover it as it's first discoverer, but you can codiscover it. To do so you have to be on a discovered place and push the discovery icon (flag with + symbol) in the right bottom corner of the map. If your position has been recognized correctly, you will see "update place". By pushing this button you can upload a picture or a video with your comment to codiscover the place. By doing so you'll get permanent access afterwards to see everything what happens there. Additionally you'll get a geoticket as a reward for your codiscovery.

Yellow place pin and seeing the number of people being on a place while using MapCapp: How to do it?
A yellow pin shows you that people are on a discovered place right now. By pushing that pin you'll see the number of "followers" and of people who are "on (the) place" right now. After a place is left empty again, the pin turns green again after a short while.

Can my current state be seen on MapCapp by others?
Yes, but only if you post something in the very moment, people can draw conclusions about it. Besides that only the number of people on a place can be seen by others.
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