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MapCapp: A new way of communication!

Many social means of communication and interactive games are in the first place all about the user's Person and his life which gets shared with the help of pictures and videos. Also virtual animals who have to be caught and collected are very popular. Sometimes in social media applications it's also about topics within anonymous trash talks in several apps. MapCapp is different!

Use 1: Interact with people on places

MapCapp enables you to interact with all users who are live on a place wich is „discovered“, that means connected within MapCapp. That’s possible by using Geotickets, the tickets for the access to a place. You can earn them simply by discovering places or by visiting a discovered place in reality. You can also purchase Geotickets. Through discovery, codiscovery or trough using geotickets, you’ll get permanent access to this virtual place wich is connected to the real world. If a place attracts nearly no people, it maybe disappear again.

Use 2: location based, virtual history

Everything that happened at a place and what has been shared on MapCapp, stays preserved and can bee watched later again. Within MapCapp nothing will be deleted unless one of the afterwards mentioned exceptions occurs. Due to the permanent storage a virtual history book develops and everybody can be a co-writer!

Use 3: Stay connected with places.

MapCapp enables you to virtually explore every place on earth which you find interesting and reconnect with it at every time again. As soon as others connect to it by codiscovering the place, you can see the news there which are posted from them. With a geoticket also users from far away can access that place and can write text messages to it. For your discovery you’ll gain permanent access to you place, earn points and a geoticket as well for entering remote places on your own.

Use 4: Global guestbook

Hinterlasse eine Spur und zeig, dass du da warst! Verewige dich! Digital. Kostenfrei. Mit MapCapp! HIER für iOS und HIER für Android!

Use 5: Becoming the world's discoverer No. 1

Within MapCapp you don’t collect coloured tiny animals but real virtual places! For every place you connected with by discovering or codiscovering directly on the place, you’ll get rewarded with an additional geoticket and an additional point which will let you rise in the users ranking. The one with the most points becomes world discoverer No1!

Use 6: Get in touch with local companies

Within MapCappAds the AdSlots of single virtual places can be bought for some time. In the App’s beginning period even free of charge! Every place has it’s own AdSlot. We priorize Ad-enquiries from small local companies before big remote companies. Besides that: First come first serve! Additionally this innovative way of commercializing is local but globally visible.

Use 7: Decentralized news

Nowadays our media are mainly centralized. That means one or a few companies which are having access to a huge amount of information select the parts which are shown to the public. MapCapp is different! MapCapp is decentralized!

Use 8: Easier travel organisation

Use 9: (Co-)discover new places

If you are on a place and you want to see where a visit is most rewarding to you, just look up the world map or list view to check out the recent happenings on places which are already virtually discovered. While being at the place, you’ll also get a geoticket and permanent access to a place which you „codiscover“. Additionally you’ll get points for each codiscovery to rise in the world discoverer ranking as well!

Use 10: Keep track of your journeys

With MapCapp you see at which places you've already been to, if you (co-)discover the places on the go with MapCapp. When you then ask yourself which places you've seen uptil now, one glance to MapCapps list of your (co-)discovered places serves you completely!

Get an AdSlot!

Get an AdSlot!